You have days when you just have to jump out of the band. Eating what you want, without feeling guilty about it. Easter, Christmas, New Year’s Eveā€¦ days like that. You have to give it to yourself as well. With the 5 tips from this article you not only limit the damage, but you also lose extra weight in the days after Easter.

Start your morning well

Easter is the perfect time for this. Start your day with a few eggs and some slices of bacon. And breakfast at the latest one hour after getting up. This will ensure that your fat burning is well underway. The bacon provides the fat burning, the eggs strengthen that effect and make sure you don’t completely lose your way by giving you a satiated feeling. For an even better effect, take a protein shake with your breakfast. You need about 20 grams of protein for an optimal effect.

One hour after breakfast

About an hour after breakfast you can have a glass of fresh juice or even better grapefruit juice. Citrus fruits reduce your GI index, so you will not suffer from insulin peaks later on. A small glass is enough.


Several studies have shown that if you do a number of short, intensive exercises immediately before eating and one and a half hours after eating, your muscles will absorb the carbohydrates/sugars immediately. These sugars do not end up in the liver, so you prevent insulin peaks, do not store energy in the form of fat and most of the energy is burned directly.

Make 5 minutes before lunch and 90 minutes after lunch, 20 squads (lower your knees) and 25 push-ups (diagonally against a wall is sufficient).

Drink lots of green tea and coffee

Green tea and caffeine make your metabolism run faster. This means that all the ‘rubbish’ that eats during Easter will be worked off as soon as possible. So drink green tea and caffeine all day long. Don’t you drink coffee? Then buy these caffeine pills. It won’t bounce you off, but it does increase your metabolism. These green tea tablets also work great.

Eating a lot increases your metabolism

If you really lose 2 days of calories during Easter, your metabolism (and therefore your fat burning) will increase. This increase in your metabolism can go on for 48 hours. And your body will store less fat because of the large amount of food, because it assumes that you have enough food for the coming time. So you can use this increase in your metabolism to your advantage if you eat healthily in the days after Easter. For maximum effect you eat those days according to the protein diet. Chances are that 7 days later you weigh less than you did before Easter.

I hope these tips make sure you can enjoy all the goodies that come with Easter. Also read my article about how I eat 6000 kCal to lose weight.